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Russian History: XX century

Russian History: XIX сentury

17. Painting.


In mid-November 1941 the German troops again took on the offensive, but were faced with fierce and courageous resistance on the part of the Soviet soldiers.

18. Painting.


Of special excellence was the 316th infantry division under the command of General Ivan Panfilov that rebuffed several tank attacks of the enemy on the first day of the offensive. The heroic deed of a group of soldiers, led by the division's Political Commissar V.G. Klotchkov, became a legend.

19. Painting.


Over 30 tanks were trying to break through along the Volokolamsk highway. The battle lasted for four hours, the enemy lost 18 tanks and many soldiers, but failed to break the defense.

Note:At this point the voice is accompanied by the melody and the line is running on the screen: "You hear the melody of "The Song of Moscow" - see Document (song)". If the student interrupts the lecture and calls for the document, he will be able to hear the song with a verse telling about the heroic deed of Panfilov's soldiers.

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