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Russian History: XX century

Russian History: XIX сentury

Russian History: 20th Century 

Multimedia Course 

Efficiency of learning through the image perception is known universally. It would be many times greater in combination with computer facilities. The multimedia course of history is the new type of an educational publication which consists from DVD and the brochure. The course has been developed as a result of the two-year efforts of a large team that comprised historians, cinema people, software specialists, artists, employees in the archives and libraries. The emergence of the product became possible owing to combination of cinematography approach (idea, script, direction, composition T. Antonova) and potentials of modern multimedia technologies (programming A. Kharitonov). The script for the computerized course has been created on the base of the most popular in Russia textbook "Russian History. 20th Century", written by A. Danilov and L. Kosoulina. The authors have updated the text with due account of the needs of its audio-perception and coordination with the video-line, as well as extended it to the year of 1999.

The computerized course contains 278 multimedia lectures (over 24 academic hours) (see Example) and provides for the much easier learning of the voluminous material owing to the comprehensive effects of the video line and sound (voiced text, music, sonic effects etc). Study of each paragraph ends with testing (over 1000 tests, crosswords, etc.). As a result, the program forms the "class journal" with marks, given to the students, and reveals the insufficiently learned lectures which have to be heard again before another testing, should the student claim a higher mark. To stimulate the interest of students, entertainment is also provided - such as the "Examination" humorist serial, and prizes for excellent students in the form of voiced and illustrated historical anecdotes.

The course is supported by voluminous reference materials, such as over 700 personalia of most important political and public figures as well people of science and culture; the detailed chronology; glossary of terms; over 30 animated maps; over 6 thousand illustrations (rare photographs, posters, paintings, drawings, schemes, and diagrams); over 2 hours of voiced cinema chronicles; over 500 documents, and over 70 unique sound recordings - sonic documents (speeches by political figures, most popular songs of various years, etc.).

This edition would replace at the same time the textbook as such, the school note-pad, atlas, reading-book, reference book, as well as educational videotape. More than that, in many cases it would also replace a teacher and save his time for individual work with the students. The program contains the convenient full-text system of search that allows to use this edition as an encyclopedia of history.

. More than that, in many cases it would also replace a teacher and save his time for individual work with the students. The program contains the convenient full-text system of search that allows to use this edition as an .

The comprised course is approved by the federal expert council; is recommended for publication by the RF Ministry for General and professional Education, and included in the federal list of textbooks. Awarded by the first prize at ITO Exhibition of Educational Programs, this course has also been approved by the UNESCO Bureau in Moscow.

According to the inquiries about one thousand participants and visitors (mainly teachers of high schools, colleges, universities) at the VII International Conference - Exposition "Computer Technology in Education", Computerized (Multimedia) Course "Russian History: 20th Century" was recognized "the best teaching software product for humanitarian disciplines".

The authors constantly improve this Multimedia Course and enlarge it. The users can receive FREE update by Internet, and not only it-s program shell, but the content too. You can also download FREE Web version of our Course (first 4 paragraphs only).

Designation of the Course

The course is based entirely on the existing school curricula and is oriented to students of three age groups (three levels of knowledge):

1) For 9th form - the first concenter;

2) For 10th-11th forms - the second concenter (the larger volume of study material and the tighter test control of knowledge);

3) For entrants to departments of history and students of non-history departments at institutions of higher education (a number of more complicated and specialized materials, as well as a substantially larger volume of documents, meant for individual study and analysis).

The course is equally meant to be used at home (for individual study at home computer), as well as in the school, gymnasium, lyceum, college and institute (for study in a computerized classroom). It is also convenient for distance learning - especially for smaller enrollment schools, institutes, boarding schools, etc. Besides, the course can be helpful for all those who are interested in knowing the history of Russia.

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