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4. Map.


The "Center" group of German troops started its general offensive on September 30, 1940 by the attack of tank army of General Guderian toward Orel - Tula - Moscow.


The announcer's voice is accompanied by a German march of the Third Reich years.

5. Map (continued).


On September 2 major groups of German troops took on the offensive in the region of Smolensk. The Hitlerits managed to break through the defense and by October 7 to encircle four Soviet armies west off Vyazma and two - south off Briansk. The road to Moscow, as the German command suggested, was open. However, this time, too, the fascist plans were doomed to failure.


Only the second (para 4) and the last of the map's seven appearances are presented here.

6. Video.


During two weeks of fierce fighting the encircled Soviet armies were curbing about 20 German divisions. Meanwhile the Mozhaisk line of defense was being urgently consolidated, and reserve forces were approaching rapidly.

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